We are passionate about providing students with an environment that fosters confidence, learning, fun and personal success. With our in-house expertise, students will be encouraged to find the best ways to learn and develop their skills and understanding. Our dream is to have students who leave St. Christopher’s as fully rounded individuals confident in their own ability and strengths.

We are not a special needs school. What makes us unique is the attention given to individuals in an environment where they are able to be themselves and gain confidence in their own skills and abilities as well as face their struggles with support and encouragement. We do not restrict a student’s learning through low expectations but rather encourage growth, development and risk-taking through the delivery of high quality targeted teaching and learning. We believe in success in all forms.

Emphasis is placed, where necessary, on skills-based and vocational subjects

Our Leadership

St Christopher’s is steered by a strong and proactive board and trust.


  • Shiloh Swart (Chairman)
  • Mark Lawrence
  • John Mellor
  • Clive Jones
  • Nikita Madya

Board Members

  • Ian Mathieson (Chairman)
  • Ralph Watunga
  • Catherine Mugandiwa
  • Stuart Knight (Treasurer)
  • Andy Holderness
  • Charles Ramphal


St. Christopher’s School is a part of the Association of Trust Schools (ATS) that is an independent organisation that was founded in 1962. It is made up of Independent Primary and Secondary Schools which are run by a Board of Governors.   Heads of ATS schools are eligible for membership of The Conference of Heads of Independent Schools in Zimbabwe (CHISZ) (ATSCHISZ, 2018).

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