Welcome to St Christopher’s School

St. Christopher’s School is an inclusive secondary school in Harare for students who have mild to moderate learning differences which prevent them from coping adequately in a mainstream school environment. We believe that building self-esteem and creating a happy, non-threatening learning environment are key factors in enhancing learning.

By supporting the individual needs of each student and providing creative learning alternatives where possible, we try and reduce stress and anxiety associated with learning so that students can achieve their personal best. Our goal is to educate and develop each child holistically, and if students so choose, to reintegrate into the mainstream for some IGCSEs and A-Levels, while remaining in small classes at St. Christopher’s.


Head’s Welcome

“At St Christopher’s we believe in the development of the whole-child emotionally, culturally, creatively, mentally and socially. Our students are engaged, happy, enterprising and active through being offered a curriculum that allows them to study a broad range of subjects enabling them to find their own strengths and passions. At St Christopher’s we are of the opinion that every student can contribute to our community and we acknowledge students for who they are as well as the achievements they reach along the way”.
Mrs Louise Morrisby

Our Mission

Our mission, at St. Christopher’s, is to provide a secure, creative and enriching environment in which students can thrive. We celebrate the uniqueness of each student, and seek to support him or her in their learning through targeted and personalised education programmes delivered in small classes by dedicated teachers using a variety of both innovative and familiar techniques.

Chemistry Class St Christophers
St Christophers What we do

What We Do

We offer the following services through our own facilities and through the Hellenic Academy, who we are associated with:

  • Standard schooling subjects Forms 1-3
  • IGCSE, AS and A’Level Cambridge Examinations
  • City and Guild Courses
  • Sporting alongside the Hellenic Academy
  • More vocationally based courses such as Digital Media and Design, Design and Technology, Safari and Tourism and Book-Keeping. In addition, we offer online courses which allow pupils the chance to pursue alternative subjects alongside their AS and A levels. Pupils are also encouraged to carry out practical work which gives them greater exposure to the topic their studying as well as teaching them the necessary life skills required in a working environment.